Animal Wellness


Tellington TTouch works with pressure points of the body. It is a hands-on technique. Tellington TTouch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The TTouch is done on the entire body, and each circular TTouch is complete within itself. The skin of the animal in moved in a clockwise direction. Pressure is adjusted for different animals and different parts of the body, depending upon what is comfortable and nonthreatening to the animal.

Using a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, TTouch helps to release tension and increase body awareness. This allows the animal to be handled without fear responses. Tellington TTouch assists with recovery from illness or injury, and can enhance the quality of your animal's life.

At Easing Paw, TTouch  is used for all diseases. It is a modality that keeps the spirit up, producing more stamina, allowing animals to eat better and be more active. It helps to eliminate signs of depression, produce a stable immune system so the the body can fight harder against all diseases or problems, and allow animals to be more active and act like themselves. It especially helps with the kind of pain produced by joint problems, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. It also helps with stressful situations in general, seen for example in very sensitive animals.

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Tellington TTouch