Seizures in Animals

Animal Wellness


What is a seizure? Seizure, convulsion, fit, epilepsy. Usually, the uncontrolled firing of neurons spreads from the brain throughout the body, causing generalized convulsions. A seizure is not always easy to recognize, and no two look exactly alike. The typical seizure, however, might proceed as follows:

  1. The dog becomes nervous or agitated, sensing that something abnormal is about to happen. Some dogs seek out their owners, looking for help and reassurance.
  2. The dog begins to tremble. His or her eyes glaze over, then he or she loses touch with the environment, appears blind, and will not respond to his owner's voice or touch.
  3. The trembling becomes more severe and the dog stiffens, falls, and begins to paddle convulse. Often, the animal salivates and appears not to breathe. This stage lasts less than two minutes.
  4. After this episode, the dog begins to recover, but a varying degree of neurological signs will persist. Commonly, dogs might be blind for some time after a seizure. They often pant and seem disoriented. Some dogs sleep for a long period following a seizure. Recovery takes a different amount of time from case to case, depending on the severity of the seizure.

What causes seizures? The normal brain exists in a constantly changing state of balance between excitatory and inhibitory bioelectrical impulses. At a certain threshold point, excitatory activity can overwhelm inhibitory influences and a seizure can result. How far away any given animal is from this point, called a "seizure threshold," is influenced by several factors, including disease, trauma, genetics, toxins, and factors yet to be discovered. In other words, whether or not an individual dog has a seizure in response to a given stimulus depends on an individual seizure threshold.

The Easing Paw approach is designed to keep the spirit up, producing more stamina, allowing animals to eat better and be more active. It helps to eliminate signs of depression, produce a stable immune system so the the body can fight harder against all diseases or problems, and allow animals to be more active and act like themselves. It especially helps with extending the time between seizures.

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