Scientific Basis for Energy Medicine

In the last few decades, researchers have found that living organisms have bio-magnetic fields around them. Depending on events taking place in the body of the animal, these fields change from moment to moment.

Practitioners of energy medicine can emit powerful pulsing bio-magnetic fields in the same frequency level that biomedical researchers have identified as supporting healing of soft and hard tissue.

Bio-magnetism is one form of the elusive Qi energy or “life force” we see also in Reiki. Hands on and non-hands on, the bio-magnetic field of the therapist will penetrate the body of the animal. Specific frequencies can have healing effects on bones (7 Hz), ligament healing (10 Hz), and more.

What is healing energy?

There is a correlation of bio-magnetic frequency coming from the hands of the practitioner and the "frequency windows of specifity" discovered by biomedical researchers. Healing energy, whether it is coming from a medical instrument or coming from the human body, is energy of different frequency that stimulates the repair of one or more tissue.

Energy field therapy is effective because it projects information into tissue, triggering a cascade of activities from cell membrane to nucleus to the gene level, where specific changes take place. Accumulated physical and emotional injury or trauma seen in rescue dogs, animals with cancer, and other diseases impairs the continuity of biological systems.

Healing energy from the hands of the therapist opens the network to let the energy and information flow again. When continuity is recovered, biological systems that interact with each other flow freely. Opening the channels lets the energy of the animal and information flow from cell to gene level.

Mechanism of entrainment

The figure in the upper right on this page illustrates the pathways involved in magneto-reception, the regulation of brain waves, and therapeutic emissions from the hands of the practitioner.

Some 20 to 30 percent of pineal cells in the brain are magnetically sensitive. Moreover, exposure to magnetic fields of different intensities can alter biological functions. In addition, various tissues contain particles of organic magnetite and are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic fields. Geomagnetic fields, modified by terrestrial and extraterrestrial events, entrain brain waves.

In healing moments, the brain waves become phase and frequency synchronized with earth’s geoelectric micropulsations (called Schumann resonance).

For further reading about this process, please see
Energy Medicine The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman, with a forward by Candace Pert.

Healing energy benefits

Even if there is no specific problem in the animal present right now, energy work can be useful. A healthy animal will be happier and less likely to get injured or have diseases. And when there are problems, the animal will recover more easily.

At Easing Paw, energy medicine is used for all diseases. It is a modality that keeps the spirit up, producing more stamina, allowing animals to eat better and be more active. It helps to eliminate signs of depression, produce a stable immune system so the the body can fight harder against all diseases or problems, and allow animals to be more active and act like themselves.

It especially helps with the kind of pain produced by joint problems, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. It also helps with stressful situations in general, seen for example in very sensitive animals.

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