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Equine Animal Wellness

This video offers two examples of Healing Touch for Animals® being used with horses.

Linus, a 14 year old thoroughbred has several issues including chronic lameness, lack of appetite and depression. Dr. Annette Ramseyer from Easingpaw in Monrovia, CA is assessing Linus' energy channels (chakras) with the pendulum so that she can perform whole body balancing and help him to recover from his issues.

Freija a 10 year old Anglo-Arab shows typical signs of relaxation in response to the HTA session: Jawning, licking, closing her eyes, and chewing. HTA is used to open Freija's chakras which will help with her fear and lack of confidence.

We Come To Your Horse

Equine Services include Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) and Tellington Touch (TTouch) plays an important role in the relief and prevention of stress and injury recovery by evaluating and treating the whole horse rather than just one symptom or area.

Our horses work hard to perform to our expectations. Whether ridden for pleasure, competition or work, a horse can experience pain or injury as a result. Horses that spend most of their time in a pasture, paddock, or stall are not immune to stress or lameness and will also benefit from equine massage and energy work.

From top performers to those who are stall-bound, all horses can benefit from Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) and Tellington Touch (TTouch) techniques.

Stress Management / Relaxation

HTA and TTouch will help calm an excited horse and will ease or prevent stress from travel, trailer loading, and handling by the vet or farrier. Because equine massage is an intimate experience, it can help increase bonding with humans and reduce behavioral problems that stem from trust and fear issues.

Elderly Horses

Healing Touch for Animals® and TTouch can help horses with arthritis, joint pain, early morning stiffness and more. The stimulating effects of regular sessions can breathe new life into your older horse.

Injury and Surgical Recovery

Healing Touch for Animals® and TTouch increases blood and oxygen circulation which, in turn, increases metabolism and helps to remove toxins such as anesthesia from the system. This promotes faster healing shortens recovery time from an injury or surgery.

Depression / Anxiety

For many horses, TTouch and HTA are great holistic alternatives to using medication to treat depression or anxiety.

Please note, Healing Touch for Animals® and TTouch energy work is not a substitute for proper diet, dental, foot and veterinary care. Horses exhibiting signs of serious illness or injury should be examined by a veterinarian prior to massage to rule out any contraindications. Some common systems of depression and anxiety may point to underlying health issues.

Easing Paw, that's the way to relax!

Annette with Jamal
Healing Touch for Animals® / Horses