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Great Dane,

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The positive difference you have made in the lives of my three rescue dogs has been wonderful. Your work over the past year has taken care of the severe behavioral problems. When Zack was hit by the trash truck and when Charlie was recovering from the new knee surgery, your physical therapy was very helpful with the recovery process. You have brought calm and self confidence to the lives of the dogs and helped greatly with my ability to control them.

Charlie, Mino, Zack and I thank you very much.

Norm H., Altadena, CA

My 13 year old Chow mix "Spice Girl" has been getting treatment with Annette since the beginning of 2010. She has shown remarkable improvement with her flexibility!

She would have to often stretch and walked a little wobbly. With her energy and massage treatments she can walk without any noticeable problems and has a bounce like she had when she was a pup.

She seems to be more comfortable and confidant around strangers when we go on walks. We even go on weekly hikes with my son's Boy Scout troop. (She is the unofficial mascot).

J. Y., Arcadia, CA

Stretch, our 14 year old German Shepherd, got into a fight with a Mama Black bear who wanted to defend her cubs when stretch barked and run after them. The female bear grabbed Stretch around the neck and threw him from side to side. She was letting Stretch know to leave her cubs alone. She could have killed him if she wanted to. We have taken Stretch to many veterinarians. He had 3 compressed vertebra and we were told he had only a few months to live. He was unable to walk and would fall. His legs just would not support him. He was put on pain killers. We started doing acupuncture which helped some.

Our veterinarian at Best Friends Animal Hospital in Monrovia told us about Annette. We called her and she came up immediately. We started having Annette work on him 2 times a week. We started to see improvements after the first week. We increased his sessions 1 hr each session to 3 times a week. Stretch looks forward to Annette's visits and is now part of the pack again. He will walk down the road and up 50 steps from our house. He is a happier dog now and Annette has made Stretch's life worth living.

Thank you Annette.

The Suess Family and Stretch, Monrovia, CA


Ever since we took your 6 year old Beagle (she was a rescue) she has become a different dog.

She suffered from depression and limped when walking long periods of time.
Annette has worked wonders with her (thru massage therapy and her
wonderful knowledge about animals). She is a changed dog. She's happy,
playful and gets along great with her 1 year old sister, LuLu.

We highly recommend Annette you will be happy with the results.

Nick and Paul, Azusa, CA


Easing Paw offers dog massage, Reiki, Tellington Touch (TTouch), and Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA). These techniques will promote general health, but can also help resolve a wide range of issues such as eating problems, depression, stiffness, excessive barking and more.

The initial consultation involves meeting you and your dog and discussing any issues you may be having. I will discuss the various massage and energy techniques, walk you through the process and answer any of your questions.

Can your dog benefit from Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals®( HTA), Tellington Touch (TTouch) and Acupressure? Yes! These techniques will promote general health, but can also help resolve a wide range of issues such as eating problems, depression, stiffness, excessive barking, and more.

Has your dog had a recent injury or surgery?

Massage, energy work and acupressure increase circulation, oxygen flow, and stimulate the metabolism, which help to remove toxins such as anesthesia from the system, and promote faster healing.

Does your dog suffer from depression?

Many signs of canine depression are similar to human depression. Signs of depression in dogs can include loss of appetite, weight loss, reduced water consumption, lethargy, decrease in energy level, slow movement, and loss of interest in toys, and loss of desire to play. Healing Touch for Animals and the human interaction through TTouch, dog massage techniques, as well as acupressure work can do wonders for a depressed dog.

Does your dog suffer from anxiety?

Some signs of canine anxiety are excessive barking, licking, or nervous behavior, urinating or defecating in the house, hiding, destructiveness, and attempts to escape the home or yard. Especially for younger dogs, many veterinarians will tell you that long-term use of some anti-anxiety medications can cause damage to your dog’s liver and kidneys. For many dogs, HTA, TTouch, acupressure and dog massage techniques can be a great holistic alternative to using pills to treat anxiety or depression, or may help reduce the amount of medication needed.

Does your dog require long-term pain management, for hip dysplasia, arthritis or joint problems, or cancer and end of life pain management?

Pain management medications, much like depression/anxiety medications, can have many side effects, including liver/kidney damage, immune system suppression, neurologic symptoms, and various hormone imbalances. In many cases the detoxifying effects of canine massage, TTouch, HTA and acupressure can be used to help mitigate side effects of these medications. In some cases, massage and energy work can significantly reduce the need for, or completely replace such medications.

Is your dog perfectly healthy?

Even the happiest and healthiest dog can benefit! Besides being a feel-good indulgence for your pup, massage and energy work increase circulation, elevate oxygen, release toxins, help the body absorb nutrients, regulate hormones, promote healthy cell growth and more. As a regular wellness routine, these techniques help your dog maintain good physical, mental, and emotional well-being.Please note, dogs exhibiting signs of serious illness or injury should be examined by a veterinarian prior to massage to rule out any contraindications. Some common systems of depression and anxiety may point to underlying health issues.

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