Let me say that I am so glad to have met Annette Ramseyer from, Easing Paw! The healing energy sessions she has done on my sweet pup, Sophia, is nothing short of a miracle!!! Your animal's well being is so important and Annette can assist you with it. After an energy session, Sophia ate a normal sized meal. Earlier, she was very picky and just turned her nose up. She is so little to begin with that she cannot afford to lose any weight, plus she needed to eat so she could take her pain medication. Annette, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping Sophia to heal and helping her quality of life!! Give healing touch a try both you and your animal will be pleased! — with Annette Ramseyer.

Anne Marie, Los Feliz


Charlie, Mino, Zack

The positive difference you have made in the lives of my three rescue dogs has been wonderful. Your work over the past year has taken care of the severe behavioral problems. When Zack was hit by the trash truck and when Charlie was recovering from the new knee surgery, your physical therapy was very helpful with the recovery process. You have brought calm and self confidence to the lives of the dogs and helped greatly with my ability to control them.

Charlie, Mino, Zack and I thank you very much.

Norm H., Altadena, CA


Miss Ellie - Golden Retriever (2007)

Miss Ellie is a three year old Golden Retriever with inflammatory bowel disease and plasma cell myeloma. In order to get a good margin around the tumor, parts of her hip bone and two muscles of her back leg were removed. She does not walk with a normal gait. We met Annette about two months ago through the recommendation of Dr. Domotor.

At that time Miss Ellie was hyperactive and very energetic. It was very difficult to keep her still. Three sessions a week of Healing Touch for Animals® for 2 months, she became very calm, her back legs and her hips are moving normal.

I believe, Annette's energy work will help Miss Ellie through her chemotherapy, boost her immune response and hopefully keep her healthy and cancer free for many years to come.

Thank You, Annette.

Julia and Miss Ellie C.
La Canada Flintridge, CA


Miss Ellie - Golden Retriever (2009)

After undergoing two years of chemotherapy, Miss Ellie was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma on her left thigh. She underwent surgery and 22 days of radiation. Right after the end of radiation, we found out that her cancer has spread to her lungs, a lymph node and in her prescapular region. She was given only 1-2 months to live. Based on the poor prognosis, we decided not to put her through chemotherapy.

Instead, she was placed on low dose naltrexone protocol with Artemix and Paw Paw. Annette increased her energy work on Ellie to five days a week (Annette refused to let me give up on her). Within a week, Miss Ellie was back to her energetic self. She started playing balls with me at night (something she stopped doing since her surgery). Two months has now passed, Ellie is still bouncing around, not a care in the world.

Her mass in the prescapular region has shrunk. I cannot find it any more. The mass in her lungs has decreased in size and the lymph node remains the same. I believe the low dose naltrexone protocol and Annette’s energy work contributed to her miraculous improvement. At this point, I don’t know what the future holds for Miss Ellie. I am hoping that she will live a long, happy life but if not, at least she can have the best quality of life any dog can get thanks to Annette.

Julia and Miss Ellie C.
La Canada Flintridge, CA


Timber - Labrador Mix

A little unsure and tense but was very calm and relaxed soon.

PB, Monrovia, CA


Garret and Instant – Greyhounds

(Garret and Instant are getting distance healing sessions with Annette.)

All I can tell you is both are doing much better. I'm also feeling that I'm improved from my cold, so maybe something spilled over.

(And after another session:)

Thank you so much Annette! Garrett seemed more comfortable and fluid on our walk this afternoon. Seems to be in less pain...YAY!!


Deborah S., Irvine, CA


Parker (17 year old Jack-Russell) passed away peacefully in my arms today. I want to thank you for helping him to have the best quality of life possible.

 Cynthia, Burbank


Pixie is a my heart dog. She rescued me 4 yrs ago. She is 9 yrs old. She was abused for the first 5 yrs of her life. This past year Pixie has just made a turn for the worse. Her belly started to swell. I rushed her to the vet. Her liver enzymes were 4000 over the normal value. Pixie has an enlarged liver and after several tests we found out she has Cushings. She started her meds for Cushings a month ago. While sitting at the vets office I saw a brochure about Easing Paws. It caught my eye. I gave Annette a call. She was kind and came the following day to see Pixie. Pixie was not in good shape. Annette did her healing touch and when she left after being at my house for longer than an hour Pixie had a gleam in her eyes. That night for the first time in 4 yrs pixie came to me on the couch gave me a kiss and laid her head on my lap and fell asleep. I cried tears of joy. That kiss meant the world to me. The next day pixie seemed happier. Annette has been coming once a week and all I can say is it is a miracle. Pixie is a different dog. She is happier, you can tell she feels better, her belly has gone down. She gives me kisses daily. Just a pure joy. I know many people don't believe in healing touch modalities but I do since I have experienced it and seen the changes. I would recommend Annette to anyone I know. She is kind to the animals and they respond to her. Don't knock it til you try it! Sometimes you have to think out of the box. Eastern and Western medicines can work wonders on animals. Give it a try!!!

A. F., El Monte, CA

Skitz - Mixed Breed

Skitz is a 17 year old mixed breed, who apparently had a stroke. She was unable to walk and her head tilted permanently to the right. We started out with Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) followed by daily sessions of animal therapies.

Within 3 weeks Skitz started to recover. She became much more alert and was able to carry her head normally. We then added physical therapy using a supportive chest belt and she is now able to walk on her own.

Skitz was monitored by a veterinarian throughout this process. Of course there is no guarantee of similar results in every case, but this does show that amazing things can happen.

Duarte, CA


Miko - Golden Retriever

Miko is a 71/2 year old Golden Retriever. She was diagnosed with borderline hip dysplasia when she was 6 months old. She also had surgery on her left shoulder because of OCD when she was 1 1/2 years old. Due to her joint problems and now arthritis, she has been limping or sometimes stumbling on and off. Rimadyl and Adequan were given when she needed it. She started getting energy work from Annette.

We noticed improvement on her behavior after about a month, she was happier and she started prancing around the house waiting to play. Since then, she is no longer taking Rimadyl. She still stumbles or limp on and off but very infrequently. We cannot believe the change we see in Miko. She is behaving like a puppy: bouncing around and waiting to play.

Of course she still has her ups and downs but now definitely a lot more ups and downs. The best part of this is that she no longer needs to take pain medicines.

Julia C., La Canada Flintridge, CA


I adopted a 13-year-old German Shepherd, Chance, in July 2011. For the past several years, his previous owner reported that Chance wasn't able to walk more than a few feet at a time before having his legs give out. Turns out that the poor old guy has a horribly compressed spine. He also suffers from intense separation anxiety (which luckily for me, hasn't resulted in any destructive behavior, but unluckily for my neighbors, includes some long barking sessions).

Annette saw me out walking Chance and my Aussie Cattle Dog Taz one day last summer and immediately assessed Chance's issue and suggested she could help improve his gait and quality of life. She's been working her magic on Chance for several months now, and his improvement is fantastic. He'll run and play with Taz, he can go on a couple of 20-min-plus walks a day, and he even enjoys an occasional mountain bike ride at "Chance speed." He's gone from an always-grumpy-old-man that you couldn't even touch near his hindquarters and sensitive spots to an only-occasionally-curmudgeonly-old-man that looks forward to being touched. His overall behavior has definitely improved, too, as he's not in constant pain now.

Annette's done a super job assisting Chance with his health in his twilight years!

Shadow - Labrador Mix

Shadow was very hyper to begin, but calmed down considerably.

PB, Monrovia, CA

Stretch - German Shepherd

Stretch our 14 year old German Shepherd got into a fight with a Mama Black bear who wanted to defend her cubs when stretch barked and run after them. The female bear grabbed Stretch around the neck and threw him from side to side. She was letting Stretch know to leave her cubs alone. She could have killed him if she wanted to. We have taken Stretch to many veterinarians. He had 3 compressed vertebra and we were told he had only a few months to live. He was unable to walk and would fall. His legs just would not support him. He was put on pain killers. We started doing acupuncture which helped some.

Our veterinarian at Best Friends Animal Hospital in Monrovia told us about Annette. We called her and she came up immediately. We started having Annette work on him 2 times a week. We started to see improvements after the first week. We increased his sessions 1 hr each session to 3 times a week. Stretch looks forward to Annette's visits and is now part of the pack again. He will walk down the road and up 50 steps from our house. He is a happier dog now and Annette has made Stretch's life worth living.

Thank you Annette.

The Suess Family and Stretch
Monrovia, CA

Zeus - Great Dane

Zeus responded well to all aspects of the therapy and wanted more!

Great job.

Eric J., Pasadena, CA

Isabel - Chow/Shepherd Mix

Isabel is a 12 year old chow/ Shepherd mix. She has been seeing Annette at Easing Paw for about 6 months. Before seeing Annette, Isabel was taking Deramaxx daily for arthritis. After 2-3 months, Isabel was down to Deramaxx once a week. When we learned that Isabel's liver numbers were elevated, Isabel was able to go completely without medication, thanks to regular visits to Annette.

Margo Y., Altadena, CA
Three Golden Retrievers – Healing Touch for animals® works.

Marvin C., La Canada Flintridge, CA


Animal Wellness


Isabel - Chow/Shepherd Mix

Isabel is a 12 year old chow/ Shepherd mix. She has been seeing Annette at Easing Paw for about 6 months. Before seeing Annette, Isabel was taking Deramaxx daily for arthritis. After 2-3 months, Isabel was down to Deramaxx once a week. When we learned that Isabel's liver numbers were elevated, Isabel was able to go completely without medication, thanks to regular visits to Annette.

Margo Y., Altadena, CA

Easing Paw Testimonials - Dogs

Spice Girl - Chow Mix

My 13 year old Chow mix "Spice Girl" has been getting treatment with Annette since the beginning of 2010. She has shown remarkable improvement with her flexibility!

She would have to often stretch and walked a little wobbly. With her energy treatments she can walk without any noticeable problems and has a bounce like she had when she was a pup.

She seems to be more comfortable and confidant around strangers when we go on walks. We even go on weekly hikes with my son's Boy Scout troop. (She is the unofficial mascot).

J. Y., Arcadia, CA

Chloe 6 year old Beagle

Ever since we took your 6 year old Beagle (she was a rescue) she has become a different dog.

She suffered from depression and limped when walking long periods of time. Annette has worked wonders with her. She is a changed dog. She's happy, playful and gets along great with her 1 year old sister, LuLu.

We highly recommend Annette you will be happy with the results.

Nick and Paul, Azusa, CA


Daisy - St. Bernard

For the past few months, Annette has been a vital part of Daisy, our St. Bernard's life. Annette's energy techniques have reduced the length of occasional seizures, assisted in an obstructive breathing disorder & reduces discomfort from the onset of arthritis and other problems which plague large breed dogs.

The ongoing improvement in Daisy is remarkable! At six years old, Daisy is on medications, but Annette's easing touch is a necessity for Daisy's ongoing improvement, vitality & overall wellbeing.

I only wish Annette had become a part of our family sooner! Daisy is back to being our BIG puppy!

Laura, Monrovia



Chelsey is a 9 year old rescue poodle and was suffering from severe arthritis in her right front leg. She was prescribed Rimadyl but she was still walking with a very bad limp. A friend recommended that we take Chelsey to see Annette. She has been going once a week since the end of November 2012 and she is a new dog! My husband and I took her off of the Rimadyl after her first session and she has not taken it since. Through Healing Touch, Chelsey walks with a very minimal limp. Her separation anxiety has much improved and she has become more social dog overall.

Healing Touch is not a quick fix and takes a commitment to get results.

Debbie & Craig, Monrovia