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Chloe, a 10 year old tortoise shell cat was diagnosed with a fatty tumor. After surgery she needed help with her recovery. After only one Healing Touch for Animals® session with Annette, there was noticeable improvement. Chloe was more energetic, her wound improved only showing scabs and she has become very active.

Easing paw offers a free initial consultation with you and your cat to evaluate specific needs or issues as well as answer any question you may have regarding the process. We offer cat massage, Healing Touch for Animals®, Tellington Touch (TTouch) and Reiki energy work.

The initial consultation normally takes place in your home where your feline friend is most comfortable, but we can also accept clients at our Monrovia location. After the initial consultation is complete, we begin the first session.

Can your cat benefit from Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals®( HTA), Tellington Touch (TTouch) and Acupressure? Yes! These techniques will promote general health, but can also help resolve a wide range of issues such as eating problems, depression, stiffness, and more.
Has your cat had a recent injury or surgery?

Massage, energy work and acupressure increase circulation, oxygen flow, and stimulate the metabolism, which help to remove toxins such as anesthesia from the system, and promote faster healing.

Does your cat suffer from depression?

Many signs of feline depression are similar to human depression. Signs of depression in cats can include loss of appetite, weight loss, reduced water consumption, lethargy, decrease in energy level, slow movement, and loss of interest in toys, and loss of desire to play. Healing Touch for Animals and the human interaction through TTouch, cat massage techniques, as well as acupressure work can do wonders for a depressed cat.

Does your cat suffer from anxiety?

Some signs of feline anxiety are nervous behavior, such as hiding, shyness, panic, and attempts to escape the home or yard. Especially for younger cats, many veterinarians will tell you that long-term use of some anti-anxiety medications can cause damage to your cat’s liver and kidneys. For many cats, HTA, TTouch, acupressure and cat massage techniques can be a great holistic alternative to using pills to treat anxiety or depression, or may help reduce the amount of medication needed.

Does your cat require long-term pain management, for arthritis or joint problems, or cancer and end of life pain management?

Pain management medications, much like depression/anxiety medications, can have many side effects, including liver/kidney damage, immune system suppression, neurologic symptoms, and various hormone imbalances. In many cases the detoxifying effects of feline massage, TTouch, HTA and acupressure can be used to help mitigate side effects of these medications. In some cases, massage and energy work can significantly reduce the need for, or completely replace such medications.

Is your cat perfectly healthy?

Even the happiest and healthiest cat can benefit! Besides being a feel-good indulgence for your sweetheart, massage and energy work increase circulation, elevate oxygen, release toxins, help the body absorb nutrients, regulate hormones, promote healthy cell growth and more. As a regular wellness routine, these techniques help your cat maintain good physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Feline Energy Work Testimonial

Dear Annette:

Permit me, once again, to express how grateful I am for the help you have given Tiger the tabby cat. This 12 year old cat recently had dental surgery. Several teeth were removed. In order to make his recovery as complete as possible, I asked you to evaluate his post surgical condition. You agreed to meet the Tiger cat. I will gladly bear witness to Tiger’s road to wellness after watching you do your energy work with him.

Your technique is a gift and a gift that has touched many lives down through the ages. Such healing assistance is not new to this age but has existed for centuries. It would be my wish that more pet owners would seek your help.

Thanks again,

Pat D., Monrovia, CA


Dear Dr. Ramseyer,

Thank you so much for visiting and helping Bertha, our pet cat. She had been sneezing and listless for some time, and her vet asked she be treated with antibiotics. She would not take the medication in her food, nor would she let us close enough to her to administer it orally. Her condition deteriorated.

We are so grateful a friend told us about you, for when you visited Bertha, she responded to you, came to you, allowed you to perform your magic, and subsequently took her medicine, trusted us again, and is now whole and healthy again. I can’t thank you enough, and will recommend you to my pet-owning colleagues without question.

Thank you again.

Dominic and Hem, Los Angeles, CA


Annette's work is amazing. Her therapy helped prolong the life and ease the pain for our German Sheppard dog Stretch. The doctors had given up on him after he was attacked by a bear and said there was nothing else they could do. With Annette's help Stretch not only improved he actually lived another two years.

Annette also helped diagnose and then cured our cat Dasie Renal Failure (Kidney Failure). As a result of Annette's therapy today Dasie is happy and healthy cat. Having a good veterinarian is important. But having Annette on our team gives us the confidence in knowing that no matter what happens to our animals weather
its injury or sickness there's nothing that can't be fixed or cured.

Annette's healing therapies are amazing. If your veterinarian can't cure it Annette most likely can.

Pamela S., Monrovia, California