Animal Wellness


Isis - Siamese Cat

Our Siamese cat Isis is a great example how Alternative Therapy combined with veterinary care can help a sick animal recover. Isis showed seizures with no known origin. I consulted a vet, animal communicator and I offered her my service. The meds were needed to get Isis' fever down and keep her fromseizing, but she was listless, not herself and not eating or drinking which is not good for a cat!! I started working with the cat over several days utilizing Healing Touch for Animals® and Animal Acupressure with emphasis on her stomach and solar plexus. These 2 modalities supported her healing system. Cats are fighters!! With the consultation from the vet, Isis is no longer on medications. She has had no seizures so far, although she needs though to be monitored since no one knows the root cause for the seizures. Wonderful outcome.


Annette's work is amazing. Her therapy helped prolong the life and ease the pain for our German Sheppard dog Stretch. The doctors had given up on him after he was attacked by a bear and said there was nothing else they could do. With Annette's help Stretch not only improved he actually lived another two years.

Annette also helped diagnose and then cured our cat Dasie Renal Failure (Kidney Failure). As a result of Annette's therapy today Dasie is happy and healthy cat. Having a good veterinarian is important. But having Annette on our team gives us the confidence in knowing that no matter what happens to our animals weather
its injury or sickness there's nothing that can't be fixed or cured.

Annette's healing therapies are amazing. If your veterinarian can't cure it Annette most likely can.

Pamela S., Monrovia, California

Easing Paw Testimonials - Cats

Dear Dr. Ramseyer,

Thank you so much for visiting and helping Bertha, our pet cat. She had been sneezing and listless for some time, and her vet asked she be treated with antibiotics. She would not take the medication in her food, nor would she let us close enough to her to administer it orally. Her condition deteriorated.

We are so grateful a friend told us about you, for when you visited Bertha, she responded to you, came to you, allowed you to perform your magic, and subsequently took her medicine, trusted us again, and is now whole and healthy again. I can’t thank you enough, and will recommend you to my pet-owning colleagues without question.

Thank you again.

Dominic and Hem. Los Angeles, CA

Tiger - Tabby Cat

Dear Annette: Permit me, once again, to express how grateful I am for the help you have given Tiger the tabby cat. This 12 year old cat recently had dental surgery. Several teeth were removed. In order to make his recovery as complete as possible, I asked you to evaluate his post surgical condition. You agreed to meet the Tiger cat. I will gladly bear witness to Tiger’s road to wellness after watching you do your energy work with him.

Your technique is a gift and a gift that has touched many lives down through the ages. Such healing assistance is not new to this age but has existed for centuries. It would be my wish that more pet owners would seek your help.

Thanks again,

Pat D., Monrovia, CA

Annette's Unique Gift in Helping Animals

I was referred to Annette through my vet to help treat my cat who was very ill from a combination of conditions, including diabetes and a rare disease called hyper-Eosinophilia IBD. My cat, El Guapo, was a huge spirit and fought hard but sadly passed away on Christmas morning. But I would like to say that Annette was very instrumental in helping him through his illness. I believe her work with him not only helped prolong his life, but also gave him a much better quality of life. Some of the effects that Annette’s work had on El Guapo were that he would relax during their sessions, purr more, and most importantly, perk up after treatment. He would eat more and had better energy and strength. Annette saw El Guapo on the last day of his life, and I truly believe she helped put him at ease so that he was able to transition peacefully out of this life. I believe Annette has a precious gift that helps animals (and people) and I would recommend her to anybody who wants to give their pet the best and most complete care.